We already have our first free maps available! [Updated]

We announce the release of the first free educational maps, this time with contents of the Chemistry and English subjects, which you can start enjoying right now, accessing our server FREE.MCDEMY.COM.

If you want to know what kind of exercises you will find in these demos, take a look at this "gameplay" with the mechanics that we have developed. Finally homework is cool !!

To start learning by playing, the first thing to do (if you have not already done so) is to register on our website, indicating on the form which is your nickname of Minecraft (very important!).


Then we start Minecraft on our computer to access the launcher. In this screen we have to make sure that we configure the client with a compatible version with our server, in this case the 1.12.2. To do this, if this is the first time we access MCDEMY, we have to access "Profiles" and create a specific profile for this version (which we can call MCDEMY, for example), following the steps below

Step 1.- We enter facilities

Step 2.- Click on "Create ..."

Step 3.- We name the installation as "MCDEMY" and select the 1.12.2 release from the drop-down menu. We give the Create button.

Step 4.- When we return to the Play screen, we select this new profile

5.- Click on PLAY to start Minecraft.

Subsequently, and from the Minecraft client (java or "vanilla" version), you must add our address to the list of servers. To do this you must press the option "Multiplayer" from the initial screen.

Next we will see a screen with the list of servers that we usually use to play online (if it is the first time we do it, the empty list will appear).
Click on the "Add Server" button

Now we define the name of the server (we can put the one we want, but we recommend naming it as "MCDemy FREE") and the server address, which must be "free.mcdemy.com". The resource package should be left in "Ask".

After pressing "Done", we will have our MCDemy server added and therefore we can start the tests by double clicking on it or selecting it and clicking "Enter the server".

We are aware that these early educational maps may contain some "bugs" or failures, so we would be very grateful if you report any incident (or opinion about our project) to the email address info@mcdemy.com

Thank you very much for your collaboration and happy learning with Minecraft !!

The MCDemy Team

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