MCdemy: Your Minecraft Academy

MCdemy is an online platform that brings to the world of Minecraft the exercises and duties that students usually perform with pencil and paper, interspersing purely playful tests to make the experience even more fun, with which we definitively break the motivational barrier. In addition, MCdemy does not require prior planning or preparation of the classroom environment, downloading this task to the faculty, and is accessible from any computer with an official Minecraft license and an internet connection.

GBL: Game Based Learning

Gamification and videogame-based learning are rising trends called to revolutionize the future of education. We only have to see the important role that video games occupy in children's leisure today to realize the motivating potential they have if we manage to integrate them into academic environments as tools that allow us to achieve meaningful learning. We have the mistaken belief that children love video games because they are easy and they hate homework because they are difficult, when what usually happens is just the opposite. Most video games are very difficult and require a mastery of information and very complex techniques, which pose a great intellectual challenge for the player, who find in the game a stimulus to acquire knowledge and develop new skills.

Subjects like Chemistry can be much more fun through the game

Why Minecraft

Today there are many digital educational products in almost all existing technology platforms. However, many of these applications are too oriented to the achievement of the curricular objectives or facilitate the work of the teacher, even some forget the most important factor: the inherent fun of the game. We, when we set out to develop a learning environment based on videogames, went directly to the source: we asked the children what is your favorite video game? And the response that they moved us was practically unanimous: Minecraft.

For children, Minecraft offers a virtual world in which they have absolute freedom of movement, and where everything is made up of blocks of various materials that can be combined to make new tools or building elements, in a kind of infinite "virtual lego."

For us, a team made up of developers, teachers and pedagogues, Minecraft offers us a Virtual Learning Environment where we can model innumerable types of educational activities of different subjects. This is how MCdemy emerges.