We already have our first free maps available!

By Carlos Rojas|9 February, 2018|Blog|0 comments

We announce the release of the first free educational maps, this time with contents of the Chemistry and English courses, which you can start enjoying right now, accessing our server DEMO.MCDEMY.COM. If you want to know what kind of exercises you will find in these demos, take a look at this "gameplay" with the mechanics that we have developed. Finally homework is cool !! To start learning

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Our journey through SIMO EDUCACIÓN 2017

By Carlos Rojas|7 November 2017|Blog|0 comments

Last October's 2 day we received the great news that our MCDEMY project had been selected in this year's edition of SIMO EDUCACIÓN IMPULSO among the eight projects based on the most innovative educational technologies in Spain. This achievement, apart from the logical joy for the whole team behind this exciting project, opened the doors for us to present MCDEMY at the most important fair in the sector

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First educational E-Sport in Asperger Sevilla

By Carlos Rojas|1 June, 2017|Blog|0 comments

The past 17 of March took place what is probably the first "e-sports" event (electronic sports based on videogames) of an educational nature celebrated to date, fruit of the collaboration between the Sevilla Asperger's Association and How I Learned Code. Framed within the MCDEMY project, emerged from the laboratories of How I Learned Code, the event took place in the auditorium of

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